Test In Cards – Inspirational Edition

Do you recognize yourself asking any of the following questions?

  • A new way of being inspired in testing?
  • Inspiration in a little “box”?
  • A simple, portable solution that you can bring home, share and show others?
  • A fun way of inspiring yourself, your team, your organisation and your co-workers?

Let us present, TEST IN CARDS as a small, portable yet powerful tool to get your thoughts going.

TEST IN CARDS contains 52 unique cards with open questions around test that will inspire you to think in new directions!

How can you use these cards?

  • Pull a random card. Discuss how this applies to your current context in your test team or test project
  • Choose a card that is your focus area for the coming sprint, then pull another card for the next and so on
  • Choose four areas on your line meeting that are the most important for you to improve and work on. Work on these and report your progress to the next line meeting.
  • If your team want to talk about test at lunch, but lack a subject? Pick a card to start the discussion, but let the cards stay in the lunch room
  • As a way to prioritize areas in the project
  • As a tool on a SWOT-analysis in your test work
  • As a checklist when starting a new test project

Your imagination is the limit!

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